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5 categories: you may forget what rabbit fur can be used for?

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Rabbit skin is a common and competitive material for making clothing and footwear. But what can be rabbit fur used for at all? Don’t forget the five main categories:


Winter is the perfect time to snuggle in luxurious fur clothing. Find out your rabbit fur outerwear, or Nick garment with rabbit fur lining, or put on knitted rabbit fur scarves with the designed shearing rabbit fur gloves. Look no further for the perfect addition. Here is some clothing used with rabbit fur:

Coats & Jackets

In general, People would like to choose a mink fur coat because it’s gorgeous and formal, and legendary. But for young ladies, they would like to follow the fashion trends, if buy several mink fur coats each year, that may be under economic pressure. In the meantime, rabbit fur tends to be super soft and isn’t prone to malting. Rabbit fur coats are a more attractive choice for fashionable pursue.

Nick garments with rabbit fur lining

Nick garments are hot popular in the past couple of years. Now they are still the main garment category.

Knitted rabbit fur poncho & scarves

This kind of scarf is lightweight and won’t feel bulky, easier to wrap well.

Household items:

People would like to build a better life because they need fully relax from the stresses of work and technology. Household items could be felt directly and affected the quality of life. Thus the creative imagination is the boost and developing more luxury household products with rabbit fur. 

Rabbit fur throw blanket

Rabbit fur blankets can keep warm in winter. Many families use it instead of blankets made from synthetic materials. Genuine fur is not only warm but also breathable.

Rabbit fur carpet/rug

The super-soft rabbit fur is dense, and adds sensual delight to your decoration to your bedroom, living room, or any space where you relax.

Rabbit fur pillow/cushion

Rabbit fur pillows could bring depth and soft feeling to you and decorate your lounge.


Everyone needs a hat to keep warm on cold days, especially in North countries, such as Russia. Here list two types of rabbit fur hats.

Aviator hat


I couldn’t say that fur represents fashion, but fashion couldn’t be without fur decorations. Get the best deals on rabbit fur when you select fur decorations. In recent years there are endless designs of fur decorations, such as rabbit fur key-chains, hairbands, and earrings, etc.

Key chains
Pom poms
Pet toys-dog toy & cat toy


Nobody could live without footwear. Footwear with fur looks more attractive in winter. Rabbit fur is used widely for boots and mukluks. Follow me to check more articles.  


I’m afraid that rabbit skin is the original applied and affordable fur material.
In China, it’s easy to find rabbit fur, even in a big factory or family workshop. Of course, the quality is different, that is not only basic on the experience but also the attitude.
I do hope this article is useful to you. If you have any questions or more ideas, please leave me a message or email me.

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