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5 categories: you may forget what rabbit fur can be used for?

Rabbit skin is a common and competitive material for making clothing and footwear. But what can be rabbit fur used for at all? Don’t forget the five main categories: Clothing: Winter is the perfect time to snuggle in luxurious fur clothing. Find out your rabbit fur outerwear, or Nick garment with rabbit fur lining, or put on knitted rabbit fur scarves with the designed shearing rabbit fur gloves. Look no further for the perfect addition. Here is some clothing used with rabbit fur: Household items: People would like to build a better life because they need fully relax from the stresses of work and technology. Household items could be felt directly and affected the quality of life. Thus the creative imagination is the boost and developing more luxury household products with rabbit fur.  Hats: Everyone needs a hat to keep warm on cold days, especially in North countries, such as Russia. Here list two types of rabbit fur hats. Decorations: I couldn’t say that fur represents fashion, but fashion couldn’t be without fur decorations. Get the best deals on rabbit fur when you select fur decorations. In recent years there are endless designs of fur decorations, such as rabbit fur key-chains, hairbands, and earrings, etc. Earrings Earmuffs Key chains Pom poms Hairbands Pet toys-dog toy & cat toy Footwear: Nobody could live without footwear. Footwear with fur looks more attractive in winter. Rabbit fur is used widely for boots and mukluks. Follow me to check more articles.   Mukluks Boots Slippers

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How to Choose the Xianggao Lamb Plate?

What is the Xianggao lamb plate? Xianggao lamb plate is made of baby lambskins. This kind of lamb has only survived in the mother’s belly for more than three months. It has natural curled and silky hair. So the quantity of xianggao lamb plate is not huge. Where is the origin of the Xianggao lamb plate? The origin is China. Most European customers and designers like this kind of style to make garments. How to select good quality? The unique of the xianggao lamb plate is the natural hairstyle. If the fur is too flat and straight, like the kid lamb plates, that’s not the right quality. It’s hard to select the unified pattern for all the xianggao lamb fur plates. But generally, there are two styles like the following pictures. When we receive orders from customers, we will check the quality one by one, but won’t guarantee all the patterns are the same. That’s because No one can do it! Who is the expert for the Xianggao lamb plate? We export the xianggao lamb plate each year from 2009. Although we dare not call ourselves is a leading expert, but no modesty to say that we know more than other suppliers.  The experience makes us more professional.

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This image is for chinchilla rabbit plate.


According to the origin, the rabbit skin plate is roughly divided into two kinds, one is made in Spain, the other is made in China. Since the origin is different, of course, the quality is also different. Let me tell the difference by comparison. Chinese origin Spanish origin Thin fur Small use area A wide range of uses Cheap Price There are some differences between the two, and of course they are also used for different purposes. The rabbit skin plate made in China has a wide range of uses, such as clothing, collar, sliver, shoes and so on. The rabbit skin plate made in Spain is more suitable for clothing lining.

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Natural fur is a sustainable fashion material, which can be recycled back to nature through biodegradation. This is also the reason why natural fur will not die out. Natural fur used to be an indispensable clothing material for people in cold areas of the northern hemisphere to withstand the cold, but now designers have added popular design elements, making natural fur an indispensable material in the fashion world.

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