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How to Choose the Xianggao Lamb Plate?

What is the Xianggao lamb plate? Xianggao lamb plate is made of baby lambskins. This kind of lamb has only survived in the mother’s belly for more than three months. It has natural curled and silky hair. So the quantity of xianggao lamb plate is not huge. Where is the origin of the Xianggao lamb plate? The origin is China. Most European customers and designers like this kind of style to make garments. How to select good quality? The unique of the xianggao lamb plate is the natural hairstyle. If the fur is too flat and straight, like the kid lamb plates, that’s not the right quality. It’s hard to select the unified pattern for all the xianggao lamb fur plates. But generally, there are two styles like the following pictures. When we receive orders from customers, we will check the quality one by one, but won’t guarantee all the patterns are the same. That’s because No one can do it! Who is the expert for the Xianggao lamb plate? We export the xianggao lamb plate each year from 2009. Although we dare not call ourselves is a leading expert, but no modesty to say that we know more than other suppliers.  The experience makes us more professional.

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This image is for chinchilla rabbit plate.


According to the origin, the rabbit skin plate is roughly divided into two kinds, one is made in Spain, the other is made in China. Since the origin is different, of course, the quality is also different. Let me tell the difference by comparison. Chinese origin Spanish origin Thin fur Small use area A wide range of uses Cheap Price There are some differences between the two, and of course they are also used for different purposes. The rabbit skin plate made in China has a wide range of uses, such as clothing, collar, sliver, shoes and so on. The rabbit skin plate made in Spain is more suitable for clothing lining.

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