Faux Fur Garment

FOB price: $30–$40 /PC

Payment Term: T/T, L/C

Delivery Time: According to the quantity


More than 20 years

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Details of Faux Fur Garment


  1. Origin: China
  2. Material: faux fur fabric
  3. Color: any color

Since starting the faux fur business, some of our customers would like us to set up an faux fur jacket product line.

In view of our experience in producing real fur clothing, we discussed with the person in charge of our factory and decided to start the production of faux fur clothing.
After the customer’s trial order, the customers feedback to us that the quality is very good. From then on, we begin to receive the order from our regular customer.

Not only Genuine Fur Garments, but also Faux Fur Garments, our workers are the same, quality could be controlled.

The advantage to choose us is as following:

  • we have different kinds of materials, such as the feature, weight, fur style, length.
  • we have our-own-factory and can control the quality well.
  • making sample is convenient.

Any demands of fur garments or faux fur garments, if you would like to to get our estimated price, please send email to us for free. You would receive our reply within one work day.

Bellow is some faux fur jackets photos:

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