Faux Raccoon Fur Fabric

FOB price: $20–$35 /PC

Payment Term: T/T, L/C

Delivery Time: according to the quantity


More than 20 years

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Details of Faux Raccoon Fur Fabric


  1. Origin: China
  2. Usage: for garments, collars, boots, slippers/slides
  3. Color: multi-colors
  4. width: 180 cm (70.8″);
  5. weight: 2800 g/m
  6. Package: woven bags

Faux raccoon fur is a good material for making collars and slippers/slides. We mainly export this fake fur overseas. Different weights could satisfy your different using. Contact us now to get more valuable information.

Quantity, styles, colors could be customized. We’re open to any customization which you desire.

Please see more pictures:

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