Chinese Raccoon Dog Skin

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Payment Term: T/T, L/C

Delivery Time: within 7 days for natural color


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Details of Chinese Raccoon Dog Skin


  1. Origin:  In China, here are Northeast origin raccoon skin, Shandong origin raccoon skin and Tangshan origin raccoon skin. The colors might be a little different. But the quality of each origin is the same. If you have clear demands for the origin, please inform us.
  2. Usage:  Raccoon dog fur is long and thick, It is the best material for making collars, trims and decorations.
  3. Color:  Natural white color, natural brown color, dyed colors
  4. Size:  about 75-110 cm.  Different size, different price. You could choose the suitable one from us.
  5. Package: cartons with woven bags

We not only supply raccoon dog skin, but also customize raccoon dog fur trims, collars. If you have demands of raccoon skin, please contact us to get the latest price. Our Sales Manager will reply you within one working day.

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